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Tools for Researchers

Databases - see also "Other Resources / Databases" on the Research Databases page

PubMed Health - for reviews of Clinical Effectiveness Research
Cases Database - to find medical case reports
AHRQ's Comparative Effectiveness Research

NIH's Comparative Effectiveness Research

SumSearch - a meta-search site covering PubMed, NGC & more
ERIC - Education Database
PDQ - NCI's Comprehensive Cancer Database
Open Thesis - dissertation search
Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations
UMI Dissertation Express

Evidence Based Resources

DARE - includes systematic reviews evaluating the effects of health care interventions
TRIP Database - evidence based answers to clinical questions

The Cochrane Library
- see the "Research Databases" page for full access to Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews


Integrated Health Interview Series - from the U.S. National Health Interview Survey
CDC Data & Statistics
CDC FastStats
US Census Bureau
CDC US Cancer Statistics
State Cancer Profiles
ICPSR Find and Analyze Data
CA Department of Public Health Statistics


Nursing Best Practice Guidelines
National Guidelines Clearinghouse

Legal / Law Resources

California Code of Regulations
California Code of Regulations - listed by Titles
California Code of Regulations - Westlaw Search
California State & Assembly Bills
US Federal Laws & Regulations
HIPAA Regulations - from the US Department of Health & Human Services

Mobile Apps

Medscape Mobile
Diagnosaurus 2.0
New England Journal of Medicine
Calculate Medical Calculator by QxMD
Medical Radio
MedPage Today
Lab Tests Online - AU